Introducing UnaCard

One card, limitless opportunities

From £149 for x2 bespoke contactless cards and landing page*

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Our contactless solution to business cards replaces the need for printing and storing countless boxes of the traditional paper version.

A single card that utilises the NFC technology in 90% of smartphones ensures your contact details are passed to your lead frictionless-ly. For the other 10% we include a branded or hidden OR code.



As well as your physical cards we include the design and implementation of your lead conversion page that we call UnaPage. This features a profile image, logo and ‘Save contact button’ at the the top of the page. We then offer three Call to actions, this can be a link to a shop, calendar shop front, youtube channel or anything else you can think of!

There’s also space for a profile section about you or your company.

We include unlimited updates to UnaPage in our subscription and we can deliver these updates in 72 hours! Here’s some examples where this might prove useful:

  • Run a seasonal offer
  • Special offer at a conference or exhibition
  • Testing a new product or feature
  • Launching a spin-off business

Each UnaCard and UnaPage is designed in your brand style. You simply supply the hires assets and leave the rest to Us!


Our subscription process is as seemless as using our contactess cards. Simply choose to pay monthly or annually and select our standard plastic card or premium bamboo option.

Standard card



Premium card



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Will my contacts phone be compatible with the card?

90% of best-selling smartohones are NFC compatible. It’s the same tech used for Apple & Google Pay. For the other 10% we include a branded or hidden OR code.

What will the card look like?

Unlike some of our competitors we don’t simolv stamo vour loao on the card. Every card is tailored to your visual branding. Simply supply your brand guidelines and leave it to us to create a bespoke design that reflects vour business!

What are the environmental benefits of contactless cards?

100 billion paper cards are printed ever vear worldwide. using 6 million trees. 88% are discarded in the first week. As you retain our cards thev’re endlesslv reusable. Welcome to the last business card you’ll ever buy! In addition to this we plant a tree with every order and our software platform is powered using 100% renewable energy.

What if I lose, break or damage my card?

The UnaCard is as robust as a bank card but we know that life happens. Each order includes two identical cards which are designed and delivered to vour door. If vou need to order further replacements get in touch and we’ll replace at cost.